Urbamobile transportation system —
uncontested choice

Various transportation systems and methods of their operating techniques are common.

Since the inception of such human activity sphere as the directional movement of human and any goods, appeared the corresponding transportation systems and formed the corresponding operating techniques.

Obviously, such systems were originally based on a certain way organized using the appropriate human physical abilities. Later to this was added using the appropriate animal physical abilities of and the ability to move on a piece of water using different floaters which manufacturing, as well as the invention of the wheel, seems to lay foundation of transportation as technical field.

However, for a long time, for example, the using of horses in riding by replacing during itinerary tired horses by the rested one was in fact very far from the technology, but widespread and efficient transportation system with a certain way of its operating technique.

Of course, directly related to the technique of transportation systems have appeared only with the appearance of vehicles directly related to technology.

And first of all, they are referred to as "railways", the name of which refers to a feature, with which associated the main drawbacks – operation by using a certain way installed device – the railway track.

Unfortunately, this feature remains up to now a characteristic of almost all existing transportation systems operating in a consistent manner, i.e. in a particular arrangement order and the actions connection.

At the same time, non-systematic using of vehicles, a typical example of which is the automobile transportation system, certainly has no real strategic vision in its present form. Even though, because develop in the direction of reducing the number of vehicles is impossible, inasmuch as this can reduce the real availability, but in the direction of increasing the number of vehicles is impossible too because this can reduce the actual effectiveness.

Everything else, in fact, is intermediate tactical compromises, but still mostly regressive implemented not in the direction of development, but in different directions to its restrain.

Thus, the inherent limitation and selectivity of modern transport systems, achieving a natural evolutionary limit, do not allow to see even hypothetically the strategic real prospect in the development of any of these systems.

Neither private nor certainly general perspective allows in a consistent manner to provide universally almost all needs in all kinds of transportation.

However, it is obvious that the development of modern transportation in the direction of consistency continuous strengthening, (i.e. a certain order in the actions arrangement and communication, with the prospect of universality) as a strategic direction in the development of any community in general, is the most optimal.

And this can only be achieved by steady substituting the largely practice individual operation of stand-alone vehicles by optimal universal overall transportation system (accordingly: УРБАМОБИЛЬНАЯ ТРАНСПОРТНАЯ СИСТЕМА; URBAMOBILE TRANSPORTATION SYSTEM; УТС; UTS; etc.), which, although allows the possibility, in exceptional cases, the system separate the original elements, obviously, normally consists of separate universal elements of urbamobile transportation system, performing the functions of the vehicle, called by the author in Russian: УРБАМОБИЛЬ (accordingly: URBAMOBILE; URBANUS MOBILIS; УМ; UM; etc.).

Thus, there are reasons to insist that nowadays there are no any more or less satisfactory alternatives for the introduction of urbamobile transportation system, that, in addition to the above, clearly show other various aspects of the emerging realities. In particular, the analyze of the traffic flow of vehicles particularities results that the transport stream can be at least two kinds: first is dispersed flow, i.e. when in the flow between vehicles are distances (intervals of distances and lateral intervals, etc.), which members of the movement perceive clearly exceed the minimum distances, and the quality of movement in which by individually control of each car is determined by the average quality, freely provided by each member; and the second one serried flow i.e. when between cars in the stream remains only such distances (intervals , distances and lateral intervals, etc.) that members perceive the minimal distances, and the quality of movement is determined by the member with the lowest quality of movement, which, of course, is usually significantly lower than the average quality of dispersed flow motion; which means where dispersed flow closes, forming a serried flow, immediately appears differences in quality traffic flows between these flows, which leads to the sustainable difficulties in movement, which is the so-called "traffic jam", even if there is no other movement impediments.

That said, under the movement quality should be understood frame integration of everything that affects the efficiency of traffic flow of cars, determining that the efficiency, and above all - the traffic flow of cars' speed is higher, then higher is the quality of traffic flow.

Thus, if technically modify the existing of clamping without being affected by flow of the need to maintain safe distances (intervals, distances and lateral intervals, etc.) between vehicles in the flow, and to exclude the impact of individual control of the participants on the quality of the stream flow, systemically automatically remotely controlling the flow, when control the serried flow will exercise not individual participants, the worst of which determines the quality of the flow at the closing, and the optimum external control, is realized in a consistent manner for each and for all vehicles in the stream continuously absolutely controlled the good governance, then, of course, and the quality of traffic in such serried flow will constantly absolutely correspond this appropriate system quality control too.

Herewith the density, i.e. at least the spatial efficiency of serried flow is as higher, as the smaller are distances (intervals, distance and lateral intervals, etc.) between the cars of its members, which, however, in the common transport systems with common operating techniques can not contact on the horizontal peripheral, because at contact any vehicles of modern design in motion and at rest inevitably blocked and deprived of the possibility of corresponding individual control, of course, at the same time, not being able to further normal individual movement at contact; etc.

At the same time, assuming the possibility to exclude the influence of distances (intervals, distances and lateral intervals, etc.) between the vehicles in motion and at rest, on the possibility of the existence of the normal traffic flow, given the fact that the transport stream can be characterized by three parameters: the intensity of N, the average speed V and the density D, it is evident that traffic intensity is numerically expressed by the fundamental equation of traffic flow: N = DV, for any particular value of the average speed V will be maximal at the maximum density D, which, of course, is maximum except the distances (intervals, distances and lateral slots, etc.) between vehicles, because numerical density D is defined as the number of vehicles per unit length of homogeneous road section in transport and operating characteristics.

Therefore, to maximizing the efficiency of the transport system for vehicles of modern design with a common operating technique, especially to prevent the inability of exclusion distances (intervals, distances and lateral intervals, etc.) between the vehicles in motion and at rest.

The best mode contemplated by applicant for the claimed invention is universal, built on the principles, including similar global Internet, similar general cellular mobile communication system, and the like, including indefinitely globalized network construction, honeycomb construction, open architecture, interactivity, and the like, urbamobile transportation system, consisting of the individual universal elements that perform the functions of the vehicle, with the possibility, in exceptional cases, operating system specific original features, that by implementing the corresponding operating technique of the transport system, using all of the above capabilities and the below-mentioned moving and motionless divided and in contact.

Each of these individual universal elements – urbamobile – is a universal vehicle having a engirdling protection (this protection allows to move in contact with anything, to be motionless in contact) designed for universal, system, fully automatic, remote control.

Depending on the operational tasks execution of urbamobile can be quite varied, however, with obligatory system compliance of necessary universal parameters forming urbamobile transportation system of urbamobiles, which can be used in the urbamobile transportation system only upon condition that the projections outer contour on the bearing area of each urbamobile has the same for all urbamobiles (operated in urbamobile transportation system) diameter of circular shape, with the possibility of the rotation movement of urbamobile by driving in the plane of area of bearing inside of the circle with the possibility to move by contact in a circumferential direction of urbamobile, which the projections outer contour on has the circular shape.

Urbamobiles operated in urbamobile transportation system must be capable of opening and closing, the entrance (landing) and output (dismount) of passengers, loading and unloading, other use of the passenger, freight or any other user unit inside the space, which the outer projections border on the horizontal area of bearing of urbamobile has equal circular shape, that the outer projections contour on the horizontal area of bearing of urbamobile.

Urbamobile may have a simple user unit in a shape of cylinder with a simple flat top, provide the opening due to the displacement of one part of the body relative to another, to make entrance (landing) / output (dismount), otherwise appropriate use of the user unit, passage of it, etc. could be executed by engirdling the vehicle horizontal part of its body with forming the shape of a circle with the outer perimeter of the urbamobile, by contact of urbamobile with another urbamobiles or any other objects.

Each urbamobile provides various options of arrangement of modular units in the form of a passenger, freight unit, various other user units any desired destination, for example: delivery, instrumental, robotic, medical, commercial, utility, repairing, construction, guarding (security of areas, security of facilities, public order maintenance, etc.), road (maintenance, creation, modernization, dismantlement, etc.), sprinkling, cleaning (garbage-disposal, dirt-disposal, snow-removal, etc.), refrigerator, concrete mixing, etc., almost any (also hereafter referred to as – "user unit").

Standard passenger unit includes space for two to four members and additional space for luggage.

In some cases, the seating capacity can be reduced or increased.

Each correspond urbamobile can be completed with the modules:

— driving, including communication devices, positioning devices, call devices, provision proper work of urbamobile during operational process etc;

— preventing and overcoming various emergency and other abnormal situations, and rapid response, including providing emergency individual control, etc.;

— provide security, including fixing passengers if space is necessary (armchairs, surfaces, etc.), internal, external airbags, etc.;

— provide comfortable temperature and humidity, hygiene, etc. user unit parameters, including ventilation, heating, air conditioning, climate control, disinfection of the internal space of the user unit, for example, using ultraviolet radiation, ozonation, etc.;

— power supply, including batteries (units, cassettes and etc.), the light energy conversion devices (solar panels), the wind energy conversion devices (wind power generators) energy conversion devices against changes in temperatures, devices transforming the other environmental factors, internal combustion engines, electric motors, various hybrid devices, generators, and other power converters, etc.;

— additional provision, including capacities (units, cassettes, etc.) with consumable substances like fuel, oil, substances for various systems (engine start-up, braking, hydraulics, cleaning, etc.), and other used substances, etc.;

— the unibody construction (frame, the unibody frame and etc.), etc .;

— engirdling protection, etc.;

— movers, including power-wheel (electric, other, etc.), a caterpillar drives, motion devices on air pillow, male screw, perpetual screw, etc.;

— additionally, to provide, for example, immobility by fixity, such as corresponding mounts (in front and behind, in a circle, etc.) to disconnect the bearing function in motion etc.;

— provide, for example, cross-country capacity, such as additional slide (skis, etc.), rotated (wheel, etc.), mixed (tape, etc .), other (perpetual screw, etc.) elements, etc.;

— provide, for example, navigation possibility by the presence of constant or transformable sides, standing or filled/emptied transformable containers, etc.;

— as well as any other, accordingly.

Location of devices communicating with the space surrounding urbamobile, for example: video cameras, lighting installations, sensors, receiving and transmission signals devices, and other devices, etc., possibly taking into account the universal shape and size of urbamobile and also taking into account the availability of imaginary vertical axis, passing through the center of the circle, which the shape forms by urbamobile by fixation coed or aligned with this axis; by moving along this axis; by rotating around this axis; etc.

Each urbamobile may have a set of automatic control functions, guaranteeing the impossibility of hitting a person, an animal, any significant obstacle or other significant impediment to movement.

Urbamobile can have the possibility of permanent reception and transmission of information using any appropriate distance wireless communication systems.

Urbamobile can be equipped with the corresponding computer, multimedia, etc. systems including for use as a central or the user's computer, for the Internet access, to the cloud or other similar technologies, for video and audio playback, and etc.

Urbamobile can be equipped with receiving and remote data transmission system of sound, images, other parameters being in the urbamobile user unit during the operation; urbamobile other parameters; etc.

Urbamobile can be equipped with remote system of transmission and reception of audio data, image, and other parameters, and the like, at ambient urbamobile during operating space.

Urbamobile transport system operation allows to equip urbamobiles with engines (motor-wheels, power plants, etc.) of power, strictly corresponding to installed and managed by system operational circumstances, in which, for example, but not excluding the the other, there is no need in sudden changes in speed of urbamobile, there is no need in abrupt maneuvers and therefore there is no need in any excessive power headroom, in ensuring excessive dynamics etc.

Urbamobile transport system operation, eliminating complex, unpredictable, complex forms of vehicles to perform complex maneuvers individual, taking into account the principle simplifying of management capabilities as a result of fundamental design simplification of urbamobile due to simplification of the complex and the size of the effort required to create torque (moment of force), for driving urbamobile in movement, through the use of any sources of opposite relative to the center of symmetry of a circle, the shape of which forms urbamobile, effort, for example using diametrically opposed relative to the center of the circle, which defines the shape urbamobile, only two independent electrical motor-wheels being in driving both supporting and leading, only the difference between rotation speeds, including negative difference in the process of the rotation in the opposite direction, creates a rotary moment (moment of force) as a result of sufficient simple complex of small efforts for the rotation of the vehicle around its imaginary vertical axis, etc, allows to refuse complex and expensive systems of sharp speed increase / decrease, of change of direction in the process of constant maneuvering, and also to refuse not only complicated and expensive, for example, control at high speeds and under difficult maneuvers systems, but refuse practically all transmission components, except the electric motor-wheels directly, which, thus, can be mechanically completely independent and equipped with mechanical control devices, providing, however, the possibility of urbamobile to stabilize in space, to move, or maneuver of urbamobile during operation of urbamobile transportation system entirely by corresponding changes in velocity and direction of motion of each wheel, which driving by electric motor drive can be carried with only practical relevant electromagnetic signals without expensive and complex mechanical devices of controlled mechanical change of wheels position in space relative to the urbamobile by driving; etc.

All components, parts, components, blocks, modules and any other components of urbamobile transportation system including urbamobiles themselves, can be extremely uniforming, corresponding LEGO approach, etc.

Available benefits, and especially – functional features of urbamobiles form and systemic of use, allow the system to standardize, automatize, optimize battery charging, all other processes of filling, any other necessary maintenance in process of operating.

All the infrastructure of urbamobile transportation system including parking terminals, boarding terminals, freight handling terminals, filling and other terminals for the current and any other service of urbamobiles, including refueling and other substances devices, battery charging devices, cleaning devices, devices of current testing and maintenance of the wheels (for example, including testing and maintenance of pressure in tires, replacement, repair, testing and bringing into state of equilibrium etc), replacement unit, parts, components, blocks, modules, and any other components devices; for inspection; for diagnosis; for maintenance; for repair; etc.; and positionable on urbamobile appropriate devices, including slots for connection or transmission of electricity, any other energy sources, other signals to any other connection, connecting pipes (fittings group), or any other device for any corresponding connection etc.; can be extremely uniforming, provide automatic connection and disconnection, systemic use, etc.

Systematic in combination with universality and other relevant features of urbamobile transportation system (for example automaticity, unification, etc.) can significantly optimize the use of any components, parts, components, blocks, modules, and any other components, and etc., including due to the possibility of controlled completely (for the purpose intended, in matter, in duration, in periodicity on at intervals, etc.) for rotation, replacement, any other maintenance during operation, that, for example, optimizes substantially the possibility of using power sources (accumulator batteries, batteries and other sources) of the power plant and other urbamobile’s systems, allowing, for example, use much cheaper power sources, which are smaller in capacity and can charge less optimal (in a longer time, in a more complex environment, in a more complex devices, etc); having more convenient acceptable characteristics (weight, size, material (materials), etc.); used on a cassette, etc. principle when charging (filling, etc.) power supply is not on urbamobile but separate from it; wherein at urbamobile after discharging (exhausting, etc.) is installed on urbamobile power source in the system mode (automatic, rotary, etc.) operatively, including during operation, replacing a discharged power source (exhausted, etc.) with a charged power source (filled, etc.), without any significant inconvenience to the user, with a substantial savings, particularly of time, money, etc.

Given the universality and functional characteristics of each urbamobile form, without the need for storing any distances (intervals, distances and lateral intervals, etc.) between urbamobiles during moving, in position when urbamobiles are in contact, in a situation where urbamobiles are in contact, practically the easiest and economical method is in elimination of any possibility of crash of urbamobiles in a serried flow, capabilities appear to manage this serried flow (consisting of tangent urbamobiles) as a whole, in a system conjunction with the control convenient to specific urbamobile; for example, including during direction, speed controlling; during selection of any other optimal parameters; in the prevention of "drifting", movement "skid", "slip", etc.; while inertial motion; while moving under the influence of external forces (one working urbamobiles actuator with the others broken, other external sources, etc.); while power saving, for example in the engine shutdown mode while slowdown, while driving uphill (downhill), etc.; while energy production, for example in the generation mode while slowdown, while driving uphill (downhill), etc.; if it is necessary urbamobile entry or exit in or out of the flow, for example, including to create the possibility of starting or ending of contact, etc .; if it is necessary to create gaps in the flow, for example, including to create a gap in the flow having defined start or closure boundaries, particularly to create the possibility of intersection of the path, along which the flow moves, for example, including pedestrian, another urbamobile, another flow, etc .; while moving of each urbamobile within the flow; etc.

Universality and functional features of urbamobiles and urbamobile transportation system allow: moving the urbamobile applying external forces; move urbamobiles in contact applying external forces to one of several tangent urbamobiles; creating an effort by drive gear of one of several tangent urbamobiles; using the slope of the surface for movement urbamobiles under the influence of gravity; etc.; that can allow safe energy for urbamobiles essentially, reduce essentially the wear of the drive and power supply components etc.

Urbamobile transportation system and its operating technique due to systemic, manageability, automaticity, flexibility, optimal urbamobiles shape, etc. exclusive benefits, provide the maximum possible to use eco-friendly energy sources, including sources of light energy, windblast energy etc.; providing maximum accessibility of solar generators to the light, maximum efficiency for the windblast generators to the wind, maximum exploitation workability, including moving to the optimum position, to the optimum location, providing efficiency, removal of dust and other contaminants, protection from damage etc .; which, in addition to common knowledge advantages of expanding the use of eco-friendly energy sources, may be particularly currently important for areas, where the availability of eco-friendly energy sources combined with still retaining practical possibility and a real tendency to the highest environmental friendliness, such as steppes, deserts, sea coast, resort area, protected areas, regions with low population density, uninhabited regions, with intact nature regions etc.

The possibility of contact during operation of respectively standardized urbamobiles, in particular allows to modified assemble contacting urbamobiles via the relevant device connection in an almost unlimited scalable, modified, passing through the connected communication urbamobiles networks (cables, pipelines, etc.), providing, for example transmission and reception of power, of something else, etc., without any need for directly connecting each urbamobile to any connected device, disposed stationary or otherwise isolated, for example at charging electric power from the external network or at return power to the external network from solar panels and wind generators etc. devices installed on urbamobile, considering that, for example, with a certain circular shape of urbamobile the execution of user unit, for example in the form of a cylinder having a flat top, enables in a simplest way to place them maximum available for light almost on the entire surface of the solar panels block or install, for example any wind generating rotor device, with the spinning axis, equal the imaginary vertical axis (passing through the center of the circle, which defines the shape of the vehicle) and guide the air flow with elements (surfaces, air conduits, etc.) and perceive airflow elements (blades, wings, etc.), with possibility to change the position, shape or configuration: because of desire for minimum air resistance by driving urbamobile in a mode of the vehicle, up to a maximum energy efficiency corresponding air flow (wind flowing around urbamobile, the circulating flow, convection flow, upflow, downflow, etc.) in the operation of urbamobile in a mode of power generation.

Using the Internet can also be most efficiently cross mutually integrated into the urbamobile transportation system, including in a control system of urbamobile transportation system, the organization of user sorts and service communications, etc., providing cross mutual not only standard functions: transmission and receiving data, but also constantly expanding tasks and opportunities for optimization, including globalization, diversification, automation, intellectuality, availability, compatibility, self-learning and other corresponding features of urbamobile transportation system and the Internet.

Urbamobile and urbamobile transportation systems systemic interface in general, and the user interface in particular, may except the normal standard functions ensure maximum comfort and users contact efficiency with the urbamobile transportation system in general and with the corresponding urbamobile, in particular, including interactivity, intelligence, visual forms, speech (voice) forms, tactual forms, etc.

Opetation of all urbamobile transportation system can be globally systemically coordinate, automatic, remote, universal; be provided by remote access from a system of integrated network control portions to system operation of each urbamobile; providing corresponding global, network, nodal integration; provides transparent compatibility; subject to progressive permanently flexible global, network, nodal, etc. integration, permanent development, including interactivity, without interrupting the operational functioning; etc.

The control system in normally operated urbamobile transportation system implies the absence of any influence on the user on current urbamobile operating in process of driving, system automatically remotely based on the setting data associated with the corresponding individual users task, including start and end of the route, boarding and swaging (loading and unloading), with climatic and other consumer parameters, in which the user or goods are located using urbamobile, including temperature, humidity, computer, multimedia, Internet, telephone, audio and video broadcasting, etc .; chairs options, lighting, visibility, location, freight safety, etc.; as well as user safety, including and in a case of emergency situation; etc.

Information for reference orders in the selection of the route and other corresponding operating parameters can be based on any of the data source of ranking urbamobiles, each urbamobile, serried corresponding flows etc., in the space; including, system Global Positioning System (GPS); System Global Navigation Satellite System (GLONASS); any other similar system; corresponding cards; other similar information about the area, about the space; individual sensors; individual signal sources; etc.

By positioning - in relation to other objects, including other urbamobiles in relation to the terrain, to the space - taking into account the universality and functional characteristics of each urbamobiles forms, principally simplifies and reduces the volumes of the corresponding operations of current position data elaboration, may be the sufficiency to determine the location of one center point of the circle, which the shape forms the vertical projection of each urbamobile on the bearing surface.

Urbamobile transportation systems operation allows as a result of system automatic remote control of traffic flow speed provide an urbamobiles high average movement speed not due to the actual combination of periods of motion with velocities substantially below average speed and periods of motion with velocities substantially higher than the average speed, but due to providing a systemic auto-remote control and the urbamobiles ability to move in contact, features movements: acceleration - at the beginning of motion, steady motion - in continuing movement, slowing down - at the end of the movement; providing obvious increase of the level of driving comfort for users and higher average speed without the need for a combination of speeds, substantially higher than average speed and substantially below the average speed which practically excludes: multiple supplemental motions, causing all kinds of essential costs (fuel, resource, etc.) and risks, and inevitably following the supplemental motions slowdowning, also creating all kinds of costs (fuel, resource, etc.) and risks; etc.

Urbamobile transportation system allows due to the system automatic remote control during the operation to minimize the construction of the corresponding roads; realize guaranteed safe two-way oncoming traffic with an intensity, considerably bigger than in the common transportation systems in the common operating techniques, only through the use of appropriate extensions for oncoming traffic, providing contact, minimizing to almost approaching the two diameters of urbamobiles width of these extensions, minimized their number, without the need for laying on the entire length of the movement of the roadway for two or more traffic lanes; minimize the width of the roadway and by driving of higher intensity in two or more lanes, the width of each band can also be minimized and brought almost to approaches the diameter of urbamobiles themselves, including, by drawing oncoming single urbamobiles, oncoming flows of urbamobiles, the other formation of urbamobiles streams, etc., with an appropriate driving; by setting corresponding flow directing devices that come into contact with moving urbamobiles, in particular additional forming separate streams.

Herewith hardly increases efficiency of utilization the carriageway area, because, for example in serried flow there is no sense of the concept of separate lanes for each urbamobile contacting in motion with urbamobiles, which width in serried flow is certainly not more than the sum of the diameters of which are located on a line perpendicular to the direction of motion of urbamobiles.

Urbamobile transportation system due to the system automatic remote control during the operation provides practically unlimited opportunities to optimize mutual displacement of urbamobiles, in particular oncoming traffic of urbamobiles in manners available only for the conditions of the system automatic remote control, for example when one of the two moving in opposite directions oncoming urbamobiles passes over the other in structure, etc.; thus, basically, urbamobile transportation system in the result of systemic automatic remote control during operation allows move optimally and mutually urbamobiles precisely because that in claimed urbamobile transportation system all can be very systematic, universal, unified and at the present method of operation of the transportation system, all can be done guaranteed completely mutually agreed; etc.

Urbamobile transportation system allows by automatic remote control of the system during operation execute the optimal distribution of load during transportation on a bearing surface, which also can just be usable for occasional urbamobiles travel surface, and not just the roadway, by systems management of choosing the appropriate functionality urbamobiles layouts and routes of their movement, having a certain weight, equipment, flotation, etc. corresponding properties in the absence of the roadway situations, and if it's present - creating a certain pressure only on roads destined for such loads; allowing, respectively, laid a roadbed only in necessary and appropriate places with strictly defined minimized properties, including corresponding allowable axis load limit of the vehicle, etc.

At the same time, due to the specific design of urbamobile transportation system, including universal standard user unit, almost absent in urbamobiles transmission, etc., for the vast majority of urbamobiles the load on the urbamobiles axis may be close to the lower limit of normal for operating in the common transportation systems in currently used vehicles.

Urbamobile transportation system allows by systematic automatic remote control during operation provide, including by replacing during operation, using corresponding operation in certain circumstances urbamobiles, any accessories, parts, components, blocks, modules, and any other components, etc., specially for such corresponding specific operating conditions, for example how unprepared surfaces features, significant defects in the road surface, road surface characteristics, the lack of a rigid pavement, various cross-countries, blockages, flooding, destruction; the need for crossing water obstacles, etс.; need to move on pieces of water, etc.; herewith the operation of urbamobile transportation system allows to form, maintain and continuously update the most actualized information about the features of urbamobiles passable routes, as well as any other information that can be obtained by monitoring the environment around urbamobiles operating in urbamobile transportation system.

Places for parking urbamobiles may be performed, including on a cassette, conveyor etc. principle, using elements (rails, racks, fixtures, grips, thrusts, rods, etc.), the distance between which is constantly strictly simplest way determined by a universal size diameter of the circle, which shape forms a vertical projection of urbamobile on the bearing plane, and other features result from this taking into account the universality, uniformity, and other urbamobiles and urbamobile transportation systems features.

Universality, uniformity, and other features of urbamobiles and urbamobile transportation system allow as compact as possible, including using a cassette, conveyor etc. principle, to link the fixed urbamobiles contiguous in horizontal, etc. sequence within the traffic lane, whose width equal to the diameter of the circle, shape of which forms a vertical projection onto the bearing plane of urbamobile.

Universality, uniformity, and other features of urbamobiles and urbamobile transportation system allow as compact as possible, including using a cassette, conveyor etc. principle, to compose a fixed urbamobiles in vertical etc. sequence within a space whose projection of the outer border on the horizontal plane of the bearing area of urbamobile coincides with the circle which forms the outer contour of the projection on a horizontal plane of urbamobile bearing area.

Places for parking urbamobiles including having horizontal, vertical, from different angles, in various combinations, etc. spatial layout; implying different positions of urbamobiles and in space (horizontally, vertically, on its side, at different angles, hanging out, etc.); may form various combinations, may include or interface with other elements of infrastructure of urbamobile transportation system, for example fuelling charging current diagnostic, a routine maintenance, repair, replacement, etc. device.

Universality, uniformity, and other features of urbamobiles and urbamobile transportation system allow also as compact as possible, including using a Lego-principle, using a cassette, conveyor etc. principle, most effectively divide temporarily not operated, not used urbamobiles into separate parts, more comfortable for a compact parking, compact storage or solution of other operational tasks, composing as appropriate from this parts directly used or put into operation, the maximum corresponding to purposes of use, respectively composed urbamobiles, which can be divided into pieces again after use, etc.

Universality, uniformity, and other features of urbamobiles and urbamobile transportation system provides to use, including, on a cassette, conveyor etc. principle, users on a remote call with the nearest for location free for use urbamobile, including in the sequential filling and release traffic lane (band, shaft, tunnel, etc.), other sequences, and etc. expectations as arrival or departure, finding in the process of waiting for a call in a daisy chain of contiguous urbamobiles and occupying successively lane (corridor, mine, tunnel, etc.), different sequence, etc., the minimum width not bigger than the diameter of the circle, which shape forms a vertical projection of each of urbamobile on the bearing plane, herewith the arriving after use urbamobile rises at the end of the chain and moves to the top as the departure for the use of each of the following urbamobile, appears at the beginning of this chain after the departure of the previous one, which is sufficient to permit entry into one end of the lane (band, shaft, tunnel, etc.), other sequences, etc, of one standing last in chain urbamobile, and exit from the other end of this lane (band, shaft, tunnel, etc.), other sequences, etc, the other, present first in the lane urbamobile, called for use, without the need in any time ensure the capacity to departure of any standing vehicles, which is typical for the currently used transportation systems and their operating techniques.

Universality, uniformity, and other features of urbamobiles and urbamobile transport systems allow: at a parking space for urbamobiles move urbamobile by applying external forces; move urbamobiles in contact by applying external forces to one of several contacting urbamobiles; creating a power by drive motor of one of several contacting urbamobiles; using the angle of slope of the urbamobile movement surface under the influence of gravity; etc; which can also allow not only significantly save energy for urbamobiles work, significantly reduces wear of the drive and power supply elements, etc., but also, for example to place urbamobiles in a minimal by volume space, allowed to move urbamobiles inside and stand out through the aperture with a cross section minimized in approaching the maximum urbamobiles cross-section, [considering that urbamobiles can be moved accordingly by the external force or its own electric drive requiring no exhaust, air supply, maintaining of certain temperature characteristics (in high or low ambient temperature, heating, cooling, etc.)]; or to place urbamobiles in a minimal by volume space allowing to move urbamobile inside through one aperture and extend it through another aperture at constant perpendicular to the direction of motion, the cross-section of this volume minimized in the approximation to the maximum urbamobiles cross section; therefore, as a parking space for urbamobiles can use any minimum size corresponding space, requires almost no equipment (not required, for example light, heat, ventilation and protection from precipitation, etc.), in particular, urbamobile can just go up by lift to a height, allowing thus to save free space (for the corresponding movement, etc.) under the raised urbamobile; corresponding space for parking can also be a result of creating the corresponding passage, mine, tunnel, etc. in an existing or a building under construction (indoor, structure, complex, etc.); corresponding space for parking can also be a result of creating appropriate semi-underground or underground corridor, mine, tunnel, etc.

Parking spaces for urbamobiles can make the most compact placed under or over the roadway, over or under sidewalks, forming the most compact combination with the accommodations, buildings, complexes, pedestrian zones, squares, parks, lawns, other objects territorial infrastructure, etc.

Placing parking spaces, composition, quantity of urbamobiles can have including cassette, etc. principle, be temporary continuously adjusted, in particular, interactively, in another mode, continuously optimizing urbamobile transportation systems corresponding components, depending on the circumstances (for example, particularities of users movements (location content, frequency, frequency, etc.; house, work, recreation, shopping centers, etc.), individual events ( sociopolitical, cultural, sports, etc. events,), weather, etc .; other circumstances); etc.

Urbamobile transportation system provide the ability to completely eliminate the need to include a stop (that is the deliberate termination vehicle movement, if it is necessary for the board or unboard of passengers or loading or unloading the vehicle;) in a standstill, it means in the deliberate termination of vehicle movement, for reasons not related to the embarking and disembarking or loading or unloading of the vehicle; thus in particular in urbamobile transportation system is no need to provide an opportunity to board or unboard passengers or loading or unloading of urbamobile in the urbamobiles parking place, which very substantially simplifies the creation of parking (enhances accommodation opportunities, minimizes requirements, reduces costs, etc.); at the same time, in the declared urbamobile transportation system with the present operating technique is no need to abandon the possibility of stop urbamobile in a place where its parking is inconvenient, or face with the effects the parking after stopping where parking is inconvenient that very substantially improves the serviceability of the transport system.

Consistency, universality automaticity, remote, unification, interconsistency, etc. exceptional advantages claimed urbamobile transportation system also allow to optimize the movement, stop, parking of urbamobiles.

Calling of urbamobiles any other appropriate transmit and receive information (ordering anything, shipping information, etc.) in urbamobile transportation system can be implemented, for example: directly through appropriate urbamobile device; through appropriate special device (a stationary terminal, mobile terminal, etc.); through any other appropriate device (phone, cell phone, smart phone, tablet, computer, etc.); using any appropriate remote wireless communication systems, for example, including radio in different ranges, suitable as for long distance communication, for example, satellite communication, as for short-range communication, such as cellular or Wi-Fi type or Bluetooth type; infrared; optical range (including laser); etc.

Systemic automatic remote control allows use urbamobiles for automatic delivery of various items (goods, etc.) - from small one-off items (purchases, parcels, etc.) to constant technological deliveries (products, components, materials, etc.); etc. - with the possibility of delivery of the corresponding departure directly to the location of the recipient, which may make prescribed the provision in the corresponding urbamobiles of devices interfacing with delivery systems for example using robotized systems or systems such as automated intrahouse delivering communications, including systems that deliver something directly to the recipient in his hands, etc. inside buildings to a particular place in the room; for example using robotized systems or systems such as automated intrahouse delivering communications, including systems that deliver something directly to the recipient in his hands, etc.

Similar technologies, linked up as efficiently as possible, for example with online-commerce, allows an efficient replacement of traditional trade forms, which are characterized by many clearly undesirable, especially in particular additional time spending, labor, buyers sources; additional time spending, labor, buyers sources; the need use of expensive shopping and storage space taking into account the territories of stay, displacement, consumers accommodation; the need to create additional traffic flows of goods and passengers taking into account areas of placement of corresponding trade and storage facilities; additional and uneven load on transport infrastructure; etc. problems and inconveniences, which urbamobile transportation system allows to eliminate.

Urbamobile transportation system essentially eliminating the problem of transport accessibility of practically any goods, works, services, etc. itself, allows to maintain, in particular full control of the transport component in general at any price, eliminates the possibility of any uncontrolled formation of the transport component, moreover - provides an opportunity to influence the prices in general.

Urbamobile transportation system essentially eliminating the problem of transport accessibility of practically anything, allows to maintain, in particular full control of the transport component in general in any process (technology, order, organization, etc.), eliminates the possibility of any uncontrolled formation of the transport component, in fact - provides an opportunity to influence any process (technology, order, organization, and etc.) in general.

Universality of urbamobile transportation system, features of the system operation, the urbamobiles modular layout allow the use urbamobile transportation system to deliver appropriate user units not only to buildings or inside the buildings with the respective roadways, but also by continuing to move, for example respective user unit separate directly on the required floors or spaces in the placements by, for example creating an elevator systems in which placement of the cab or the cabin function executes separated from the rest of the urbamobile passengers user or any other urbamobiles user unit; these lift systems can be connected in a single system with stopping places for urbamobiles (on the roadway, inside the building, and so on); thus, for example may be provided the separation of the users block inner part, in which can be located one user with the ability to move in remote automatic or with any participation by users control to the movement of which is enough the standard minimal dimensions of appropriate doorways and corresponding indoor spaces, such as in the form of a detachable part of the user unit - self-propelled device for placing the user (sitting, reclining, lying, etc.) similar to those used for independent movement of persons who do not have a proper normal natural physical features (the sick ones, persons with disabilities, the elderly).

Urbamobile transportation system allows with a huge technical, economic, social effect to use such benefits as globality, universality, unification, automatic remote control system for urbamobile transportation system, a simplified universal urbamobiles device, the rejection of the cost of a permanent change of appearance and design, and, at the same time, the universal application of the most economical, practical, high-quality materials, universality, interchangeability of the parts, components, blocks, modules; that makes guaranteed possibility to maximum efficiency: to distribute production of urbamobile transportation systems elements, including urbamobiles themselves, the parts, components, blocks, modules, taking into account the specificity of certain regions, countries, distribution of productive forces and production capacity, using ready urbamobiles, other economic, territorial, social, cultural, etc. features, technical and technological complexity, of materials, significantly affecting the prime cost of the circumstances; to organize the production of maximum series; to refuse influence on the price of the capitalization of a particular trademark (brand), prestige producer, color selection, surface quality, determining equipment, etc. other usual factors further price rising; etc.; thus, for example the application of the Lego-principle etc. allows to organize the production, storage of the individual parts, components, blocks, modules, etc., exactly where it is, for various reasons, most optimally, and to produce the final composition virtually anywhere, according to current tasks, including to optimize the urbamobile transportation systems operation, including using the urbamobile transport systems capabilities.

Urbamobile transportation system allows, including specifically due to a systematicity, universality, automaticity, remotability, uniformity, etc. exceptional benefits to receive the lowest prime cost itself urbamobiles, lowest cost of operation, the lowest cost of overhead and any other costs associated with urbamobiles and urbamobile transportation system to get the maximum savings of time, materials, energy and the maximum reduction of polluting emissions, etc.

Universality of urbamobile transportation system, the system operations feature , the modular composition of urbamobiles allow the use urbamobile transportation system for the most efficient transformation of actually any transport technology, including the motion on the magnetic (electromagnetic, etc.) cushion, monorail movement, dedicated (non-stop, high-speed, channel, tunnel, etc.) movement, high-speed technology, etc.

Universality of urbamobile transportation system, the system operations feature , the modular composition of urbamobiles allow the use urbamobile transportation system for the most efficient pairing with any other transportation system, including pedestrian, rail, aviation systems, etc.

Urbamobile transportation system with the appropriate operating technique make it possible to completely eliminate the need of individual control each urbamobile, including completely eliminate the need of individual control urbamobile a person who is by driving inside of urbamobile, that means refuse completely the role and function of the driver; can significantly affect the structure of employment, freeing up a significant part of the populations productive time, which previously spent on quite inefficient, but extremely responsible and in every respect costly, individual driving of vehicles, also freeing up a significant part of the labor force, directly professionally perform the functions associated with the need of the individual driving a vehicle (drivers, dispatchers, etc.).

At the same time, of course, essentially eliminating the need for huge time, effort and money expenditure to the appropriate mass teaching to driving a vehicle, etc.

Urbamobile transportation system allows to free up an enormous amount of time a huge number of people who in increasing frequency hopelessly are being forced to stuck in traffic jams, try unsuccessfully to find a parking space (parked), to overcome many difficulties still inevitably associated with current transport operating conditions, including filling, storage, repair, parts replacement, accidents, breakdowns, evacuation problems, fines, denial of rights, other forms of liability, etc.

Urbamobile transportation systems operation with a fully controlled speed and fully controlled movement routes eliminates the factor of unpredictability in a certain period of time, needed to overcome any distance, to significantly reduce the time, fundamentally eliminate the factor of transport fatigue in organization of social relations, which allows almost unlimited expand the limits of the territory with the most comfortable (socio-economic, socio-cultural, etc.) conditions residence.

For any region territories become almost equally accessible within an hour of the most comfortable travel territories in radius 80 - 100 kilometers from the predicted center of the city (metropolis, territory, etc.), with the guarantee of providing by urbamobile transportation system the average speed of 80 - 100 kilometers per hour, which for urbamobile transportation system can obviously be much higher.

Urbamobile transportation system essentially eliminating transport discomfort associated with the remoteness of the residence area with distinctive urban living conditions, can in general significantly reduce the difference between living conditions in the city and in the countryside, bringing such difference to a large, constantly growing and measure and significant, growing areas to completely insignificant levels.

Urbamobile transportation system essentially eliminating the problem of transport accessibility of virtually all goods, works and services itself, can significantly in the most positive way affect on a variety of processes in society, including, for example housing access, due to the inclusion in the active use of many new areas, alignment of housing prices in different areas in the direction of their significant reduction, with the possible prospect of a transition to a system of guaranteed housing, which can be especially important for young people, if it is assumed, for example, the provision of accessible complex, in which accommodation is free available to provide, as appropriate, for example, for young people tends to independence, but have not yet created families, optimizing opportunities comfortable independent accommodation, the possibilities of educational, professional, cultural growth, and - the possibility of optimizing communication, intercourse, creation of families, which can get afterwards the opportunity to live and bring up children, etc., in the other, more suitable for this purpose is appropriate affordable housing complexes, etc.

Urbamobile transportation system allows to provide, in particular full controllability and safety of transport movements of children, adolescents, young students when visiting preschools, schools, institutions of post-secondary and higher education, etc.; during leisure activities (sports activities, classes of creative work, associations of interest, etc.); that can significantly affect the organization of education, training, leisure activities for children, teenagers, students; including to remove from significant share of parents load associated with the need to execute the corresponding move of children, teenagers, students responsible.

Urbamobile transportation system allows by systemic automatic remote control during the operation to ensure conformity of user units features corresponding features of the current use, including operation respective user unit (during transportation of user) like the respective working space for the relevant user, which allows to integrate systemically time during transportation to the appropriate employment of the process.

In principle, urbamobile transportation system allows to provide, in particular opportunity to fully controlled, predictable, with little expenditure of time movement of any user of any process, including processes of employment, for which significantly eliminates the need due to the beginning and end of the working day for mass movements workers from residence to place of work et vice versa; also significantly eliminates the need for maintenance of places where there should be an employee, and all associated with this infrastructure (offices, business centers, etc.); significantly change the essential features of employment, giving way to a more open relationship of employee and employer, more accessible system of individual employment, more free, individualized: time, number, nature, etc. characteristics of the employment relationship, including completely individual modes of work, leisure, etc .; that allows in general significantly to optimize social relations.

Urbamobile transportation system fundamentally eliminating the problem of transport accessibility itself allows to engage in social relations system considerably more people on the terms of a much more equal opportunities, becoming, in particular an essential element of a fundamentally new social lift for the most worthy representatives of the general public, which is completely unfair infringing nowadays because of the extreme uneven distribution of opportunities that actually dispose a person, depending on the territory in which he resides.

Urbamobile transportation system, due to the obvious practicality, cheapness, universality, mass character, etc. obvious advantages, allows not only fundamentally change the overall level of transport accessibility, but also provide previously unattainable transportation facilities to such poor, but very numerous segments of the population as people with disabilities, retirees children, the elderly, the poor families with many children, youth, low-skilled workers, etc., smoothing significantly up to total eliminating a quite significant aspects in the present circumstances of the social costs, associated with the still considerable value of transportation in general, and of course - the use of personal transport in particular, in relation to opportunities for low-income, socially disadvantaged, etc. segments of the population; on the background of objective and subjective shortcomings inevitably inherent in public transport systems, common everyone without exception.

Implementation of urbamobile transportation system allows to completely escape such inevitable costs of use modern forms of public transport, as the impossibility of personal use, a low level of comfort, crush, jam, lack of fresh air, mass gatherings, unhygienic, heat, cold, dirt; significant measure of uncontrolled contact, spontaneity; intervals in the activity timetable, breaks at night, elevated levels of danger, increased nervousness level, and other aspects of the obvious and objectively irresistible discomfort, inevitably connected with the use of any of the known forms of public transport.

Implementation urbamobile transportation system automatically delivers ready-to-use urbamobiles, users, any goods, with minimal waiting time, guaranteed in the shortest possible time, strictly individual, with a maximum level of comfort and safety, strictly on an individual route from any place of embarkation or upload to any landing or unloading place, allows in the perspective for the vast majority of transportation for the corresponding distances in principle to abandon all other forms of transport, for which such things are fundamentally unattainable.

The possibility, in exceptional cases, of use in urbamobile transportation system of individual original elements, (almost without any conditions essentially to originality, caused by urbamobile transportation system) may be under any circumstances provide the systematicity, automaticity, remote control of urbamobile transportation system, however, the measure of necessary costs will be much less than more the corresponding original exception complies the necessary universal parameters, forming urbamobile transportation system of urbamobiles, among which, first of all - is encircling protection equipment, allows to move if there is contact with anything, to be fixed in contact; and also, in particular, be intended for systemic of automatic remote control; have possibility of placing the original user unit or transportations original object immersed in the corresponding contiguous elements of urbamobiles in contact within the total perimeter in contact; proximity of the shape and size of the projections external contour on the horizontal plane of bearing area to a universal urbamobiles size and shape, for example rounded shape and size of the outer contour of the projection on the horizontal plane of the bearing area along an axis, perpendicular to a line (coinciding with the direction of motion) is equal for identical to all urbamobiles diameter; etc.

Movement during operation of urbamobile transportation system of urbamobiles in serried flow in contact mode eliminates the possibility of a collision, in such a motion is not the speed of convergence, there is no distance (spacing, distances and lateral intervals, etc.) between urbamobiles, there is no need to respect and control the distance (spacing, distances and lateral intervals, etc.) between urbamobiles; moreover - during operation of urbamobile transportation system virtually eliminates an event occurring in the process of road running of vehicle and with his participation, that killed or injured people, damaged vehicles, facilities, goods or caused other property damage, that means, the possibility of any road accidents virtually eliminates.

At the same time, during operation of urbamobile transportation system not only eliminates the possibility of any violations of traffic rules by drivers, but generally no need for the existence of such rules for drivers, because drivers in operated normally urbamobile transportation system does not exist, which automatically leads to a lack of need for the existence of the entire road infrastructure ensuring compliance with these rules by drivers, including carriageway marking, road signs, traffic lights, automatic violations identity system, paid parking system, evacuation, prosecution, etc.

There is no need and the existence of specific public authorities exercising imperious powers in the field of traffic regulation, such as State Automobile Inspectorate ("GIBDD") in the Russian Federation.

Also, there is no need in the existence of appropriate specialized organizations, including organizing parking, fixing infringement, organizing evacuation, serving appropriate infrastructure, etc.

There is a possibility each year avoid only in the Russian Federation the deaths of more than 25 thousand people, annually avoid injury of more than 250 thousand people as a result of traffic accidents, that means in total each year avoid only in the Russian Federation for hundreds of thousand citizens one or another degree of severity of the violations and crimes related to traffic accidents.

Implementation and further development throughout of the global urbamobile transportation system can most favorable impact not only on the state of the global automotive industry, consistently on the verge of stagnation, but also give a series of powerful impetus for world economic and even geopolitical systems favorable changes, because global urbamobile transportation system naturally brings people together in the pursuit of positive results and creates natural barriers to: public disorder, crime manifestations, hostility manifestations, aggression, armed conflicts, etc. negative effects of disunity.

Urbamobile transportation system and its operating technique make it possible to begin the implementing almost immediately.

In complex urbamobile transportation system and its operating technique can be applied in the very near future to individual areas such as: the fairgrounds, perhaps even - initially - as a kind of unique, really completely covering the entire territory, taking, for example, the World's Fair, attraction-foresight, opening an entirely new perspective of humanity; separate transport complexes, for example, airports, etc.; industrial, hotel, shopping, etc. complexes; center, and other individual areas, territory, territory with the suburbs of existing cities, towns- cities, metropolises in itself, etc.; specially building modern new eco-cities, such as, for example: Dubai Sustainable City in Dubai, Masdar City in Abu Dhabi, Dongtan in China, Treasure Island in the USA, Sherford in England; Victoria in Canada; etc.

Features of urbamobile transportation system and technique operating make it possible to almost immediately begin their implementation by the gradual replacement of existing transportation systems on virtually any territory and in any conditions, because urbamobiles arrangement allows to start their operation literally with unique prototypes, with the possibility of parallel use and for research, for testing approaches, practices and options for the trial implementation of single copies, at the initial stage controlled with appropriate modules of the individual control individually or in combination with existing semi-automatic systems or automated control in currently existing transportation systems; can create functionally localized operating system, individually or in combination with mode of automatically controlled urbamobiles, including using on the basis of lease, including lease in the mode of already system using of removable urbamobiles, including with payment in the mode of participation in the relevant start-up (start-up), subscription, public initiative, etc.; can be created geographically isolated urbamobile transportation systems in certain areas, primarily in need of a radical solution to the transportation problem (centers of the largest cities in the new location building cities, globally modernizing cities, metropolis, etc.), conjugated with transportation systems of adjacent areas through such traditional elements of existing transportation systems as intercept parking for ordinary individually operated vehicles, subway, bus stations, railway stations, airports, etc.

In the initial stages of implementation urbamobiles can be operated at first individually, among other types of transport, with a gradual increase of infrastructure specifically designed for urbamobiles (parking lots, for example - cassette, conveyor, parallel to conventional; service centers; user systems), further in combining local, variably manifested urbamobile transportation systems (such as - organization of movement on technology Platoon (detachment), organization of non-permanent echelons, organization for solving individual tasks); creating a focal urbamobile transportation systems; etc.; which, with increasing number of urbamobiles, can with appearing of appropriate opportunities transferred to systemic management, integrate, interlock, globalize, etc., without the need for a mass replacement already operated urbamobiles, or even any substantial modernization of urbamobiles systems already in operation, because for the development of urbamobile transportation system in the its appropriate operating technique on the basis of the individual, in one way or another individually operated urbamobiles essentially just sufficient in the development disconnect progressive (partially) or at once (fully) the function of the individual control in already operated individually or in combination with automatic control urbamobiles, transferring them into appropriate system automatic remote control, disassembling only designed for regular individual control modules, retaining the possibility of abnormal individual control in the form, for example operatively installed temporary devices in the operational position such as in the form of joystick, etc. manipulators, for the possibility of individual control, in exceptional cases.

Universal unified system full of constant interchangeability of parts, components, blocks, modules, and all that forms urbamobile transportation system including of course, urbamobiles themselves, allows conducting upgrading constantly evolving urbamobile transportation system in permanent mode without any negative costs somehow affecting the current operation of urbamobile transportation system.

In principle, urbamobile transportation system allows in the coverage volume by urbamobile transportation systems action minimize essentially any negative impact on social relations of any length and any necessary transportation.

Urbamobile transportation system and operation technique of transportation system, in contrast to the rest relating to transport in general, and especially - urban transport, in particular, allow to see the real prospect of the nearest full and final disposal of the widespread traffic jams, the problems of finding a parking space (parking problems), and from any other difficulties in the operation of transport, literally poisonous, disfiguring, paralyzing now more and more often more and more territories.

It is obvious that whatever measures and efforts are taken, the natural tendency of modern society to the individual's personal comfort leads to an increase in the number of vehicles, from which the convenience of car use in the current environment can only decrease,

whereas, in contrast, origin and development of the claimed urbamobile transportation system and its operating technique initially create the conditions for the start and then steady decline in the number of vehicles, but not as a factor of regression, but on the contrary - as part of the progress of society, effectively combining the progressive release - until the complete disposal - from cars to the advanced growth of convenience by increasing the number of urbamobiles, the number of which - the opposite of vehicles - not only can, but should be increased, from which will grow not only convenience of using urbamobiles - at the same time will be amplified and other rather favorable effects for society, keeping, however, both objective and subjective qualitative and quantitative targets optimality and optimization tools.

Urbamobile transportation system must not only appear and integrate into the social relations; urbamobile transportation system with the quantity and quality of the updates potential is capable essentially implanted in society, becoming not only a new appropriate equipment and resulting not only to the synergies, however adding and changing human existence by fundamentally important new feature, a natural consequence of which evolution can and should be an effective influence on the possibility of a real improvement in quality of life for almost everyone.